In its letter to the Automotive News Europe, Audi informed that the company had delayed the development of flying taxis with Airbus. The company previously announced the expansion of Pop.Up Next project last year.

The reason why Audi made such decision was the difficulties with the vehicle. Also, the representatives remarked that it would take a lot of time to carry out the idea and as of yet such a project is prospectless and unprofitable.

Currently, the working out of so-called "flying" cars is led by several dozen companies from all over the world. For example, Boeing is working on such a project, along with Airbus. Uber had already partially launched the "air taxi" service, a unique dispatching service in cooperation with NASA.

Besides, Daimler is working on such vehicles in partnership with Volocopter, while Chinese Geely works with Terrafugia. Plus, the South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai, lately disclosed an idea to open a similar project.