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Microsoft Introduces Mesh for Virtual Meetings in Teams

Users can now enjoy richer engagement during Teams meetings with a range of 3D immersive spaces, catering to various needs, such as social gatherings, brainstorming sessions, and round-table discussions.

Google Tightens Its Remote-Work Policies and Will Monitor In-Office Attendance

Previously, since April 2022, employees were expected to be in the office three days a week, but attendance was not closely monitored. Now, attendance will be factored into performance reviews.

Microsoft Will Give Employees $1,200 to Protect Them From Burnout

Microsoft launched its well-being program called Perks Plus to combat remote employee burnout. It continues the company's previous project called Stay Fit, in which employees were given $800 per year for health and fitness purchases.

Spotify Employees Will Be Able to Work From Home Even After the Pandemic Ends

Spotify's Work From Anywhere program will let employees work from home, office, or even both. The company will set employees up with a co-working space membership if there's no Spotify office around them.

Microsoft Unveiled Viva, a New Kind of Employee Experience

As the world is still facing the global pandemic that has made remote working the new norm, Microsoft sees the need for employee engagement platforms to bring all the tools employees need to succeed in one place.

4 Ways to Improve Virtual Onboarding for New Employees

With the massive shift to remote work, onboarding new hires has become an even more critical stage in the hiring process. These four methods will help you make onboarding more effective.

Microsoft Will Let Some Employees Work Remotely Even After the Pandemic

Microsoft will cover home office costs for employees who regularly work remotely, but those who decide to move from Microsoft's office will have to pay their own relocation costs.

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