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How Does Work Addiction Affect Your Mental Health?

Modern society treats work not only as a necessity, but also as the most important thing in life. Workaholism is a socially approved addiction. Some experts consider it a mental disorder that leads to emotional exhaustion, depression, and physical disabilities.

4 Brilliant Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Boss

Sometimes, it happens that the most difficult person to communicate with is your boss. The growing resentment against him will negatively affect your work. However, you can make the best even of a bad situation. In this article, we will show you how to do it.

6 Things Employers Pay Attention to During a Job Interview

When it comes to hiring, most companies set high standards across leadership expectations, skills, as well as core values like loyalty or growth mindset. These are 6 crucial things employers always pay attention to during job interviews.

8 Important Business Lessons for Startup Founders

Business is an experiment: there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success, but aspiring entrepreneurs often make the same bad decisions. Today, we will tell you about business lessons that will help you avoid mistakes.

5 Things Young Leaders Need to Know to Succeed

Learn how not to ruin your life and the lives of your employees if you are an executive without management experience, and how to become a good leader when all your management experience is only based on movie bosses from Hollywood films.

How to Market Yourself in 2021: Golden Resume Writing Rules

Knowing how to market and sell yourself to potential employers is a valuable skill. The fact remains that precisely those who can sell themselves at a higher price hold the best positions and are paid increasingly high wages.

4 Things Not to Say During a Job Interview

We have already told you how to answer questions during a job interview and what to ask an employer about before accepting the job offer. Now, we decided to tell you what things you better not say during an interview.

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