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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Developers of All Levels

In this article, we’ve made a compilation of engaging YouTube channels for beginner IT specialists, developers, and basically everyone who wants to figure out what scary words like Vue.js, JavaScript, and PHP actually mean.

4 Crucial Tips for Writing a Great Resume

In a good company, the decision to either work with you or not will not be based solely on your resume, but a sloppy resume can make the recruiter think: if you can't put in the effort to create a good resume, will you do your best at work? Well, it is unlikely.

Quiz: What Do Your Co-Workers Think of You?

We spend a significant part of our life at work, but we all behave differently in the office, so conflicts may sometimes arise. If the atmosphere in the office is tense, you don't want to do anything. Let's check what your workmates think of you in our quiz!

The Most In-Demand Soft Skills in the Labor Market in 2021

If you want to build a successful career in 2021, make sure you have these skills. Whatever your profession is, employers are looking for candidates with developed soft skills more and more often.

2 Crucial Skills Employees Wish Their Manager Had in 2021

In most cases, problems in the team arise because the leader lacks communication skills. In this article, we will tell you about two critical skills that employees expect from a leader in 2021.

Handy Tips: How to Explain Being Fired From a Job During an Interview

If you have ever been fired, you need to be able to explain the situation to future potential employers. While this can be an uncomfortable question to answer, but you can do so in a way that will demonstrate your professionalism.

Handy Tips: How to Survive the First Days at a New Job

Getting to the point when you get a new job indeed deserves a celebration, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty that comes with a new job. To help you get through the first days at a new workplace, we’ve gathered some tips on how to survive this important period.

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