When it comes to hiring, most companies set high standards across leadership expectations, skills, as well as core values like loyalty or growth mindset. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to stand out in job interviews.

1. Talk about your experience

The experience should correspond to the desired position, and you can or could get it in completely different ways. For example, someone without a master's degree could have gained tremendous experience through exciting projects, hobbies, and networking.

2. Ask questions

Your curiosity is a valuable asset in almost any position. But do not limit yourself to simple questions, the answers to which you can find on the Internet yourself.

Two examples of important questions:

  • What is your team missing now?
  • What can I contribute to the company?
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3. Make a list of your achievements

If the candidate only talks about the successes that he/she claims to have achieved on his/her own, the manager will conclude that this person is not a team player. Say "My team has achieved," not "I did everything myself."

4. Take responsibility for your mistakes

Being wrong and having the courage to admit failure is an important quality that an employer always pays attention to. We all make mistakes. Tell the employer about a project that didn't go as planned. What have you learned from this? What would you do differently?

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5. Be flexible

Be sure to research the company and determine what unique perspectives you can bring.

6. Show that you are a team player

Employees often share experiences and emotions in the workplace. And if you are open-minded, you are more likely to bring support and positive energy to your team.