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YouTube Music is a music streaming service developed by YouTube that was introduced in 2015. It also offers a premium tier, which provides users with ad-free playback, audio background playback, and offline playback of downloaded songs.

YouTube Debuts TikTok-Like Samples Tab for Music Discovery

Accessible through a dedicated tab in the YouTube Music app, Samples offers users a personalized video stream that introduces them to new music. Each video clip in the feed serves as a musical artist's calling card, featuring their tracks or live concert performances.

Handy Tips: How to Create a Universal Song Link for Any Streaming Service

When you want to share an interesting track with a friend, you need to remember which music streaming service he/she uses. After all, it doesn't make much sense to send a link from Apple Music to a Spotify lover.

Google Play Music Is Finally Shutting Down

Google warned that it would close its music streaming service by the end of the year. Now Google Play Music is gradually shutting down and offers its users to transfer their playlists and uploads to YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium Subscribers Can Now Test Experimental Features

YouTube Premium subscribers will now also have access to experimental features that are still in development. Previously, these features were tested with users randomly selected for beta testing.

Google Play Music Will Be Replaced by YouTube Music by the End of 2020

Disabling the service will happen in several stages. The Google Play Music app will become unavailable for users from South Africa and New Zealand in September 2020, and in other regions, in October this year.

YouTube Music Redesigned the Playback Screen – It Now Has Lyrics

Google has redesigned the YouTube Music mobile app. It now allows you to view the lyrics on Android, and soon the same will be available on iOS.

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