YouTube Music is stepping up its game in the music discovery realm with its latest feature called Samples. This new addition takes inspiration from TikTok's popular format and aims to provide users with a seamless feed of short-form video segments, similar to the viral video-sharing app.

Accessible through a dedicated tab in the YouTube Music app, Samples offers users a personalized video stream that introduces them to new music. Each video clip in the feed serves as a musical artist's calling card, featuring their tracks or live concert performances.

Users can simply swipe through the snippets, and if a particular clip catches their ear, they can tap to listen to the full song, watch the complete video, add the song to their playlist, or even use it as the soundtrack for their own short video creation.

How to Create a Universal Song Link for Any Streaming Service
When you want to share an interesting track with a friend, you need to remember which music streaming service he/she uses. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to send a link from Apple Music to a Spotify lover.

The advantage YouTube Music has over other platforms is its comprehensive ecosystem. It allows users to explore new tunes, listen to podcasts, and interact with music all within a single app. The Samples tab, designed with user preferences in mind, aims to create an immersive and interactive music discovery experience.