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YouTube is a video sharing platform created in 2005 to let people post and share their original video content. It’s a free video-hosting website that allows users to store and serve video content. Nowadays, there are millions of video creators and viewers all over the globe using this website on a daily basis to create, upload, watch, and share various videos of any length. YouTube’s impact on media and advertising, in general, is enormous.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Buys Top Advertising Spot on YouTube’s Homepage in the Run-Up to the Election Day

The company did not provide any comments on Trump’s purchase but confirmed that political advertisers indeed could purchase masthead ads.

Google Chrome Will Begin to Block Ads Intensively This Summer, but Don't Get Too Excited Just Yet

The browser will fight with poor-quality advertising even harder. Google announced that beginning August 5, it will block ads that violate the new rules.

Eminem Proves That He Is a Rap God Once Again

If you conduct a social survey and ask random people “Who is the fastest rapper?”, 9 out of 10 will name Eminem, the rap godullar who has supersonic speed in situations where it is really handy – in rap. But it looks like a competitor is hard on his heels.

New YouTube Studio Tools Will Help You Deal With Copyright Claims

The new editing tool will assist you in trimming the part indulged in the claim of the video and a New List Filter that shows which of your videos have been restricted with a copyright claim.

The Comment Under Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” YouTube Music Video Is the First to Receive One Million Likes

The Swedish musician received the first of its kind award from YouTube for the most popular commentary. His caption scored over a million likes.

The Most Expensive Apple Grater: iFixit Grated Cheese with Mac Pro

iFixit specialists published a video on their YouTube channel with the first impression of the new Mac Pro. At the end of the video, they brought many memes to life and grated cheese with Mac Pro.

Microsoft Presented a New Generation of Xbox at The Game Awards

At this year’s Game Awards, Microsoft has announced the new Xbox Series X with a completely new design.