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YouTube is a video sharing platform created in 2005 to let people post and share their original video content. It’s a free video-hosting website that allows users to store and serve video content. Nowadays, there are millions of video creators and viewers all over the globe using this website on a daily basis to create, upload, watch, and share various videos of any length. YouTube’s impact on media and advertising, in general, is enormous.

YouTube Launches Free Games Section Called Playables for All Users

This feature is now rolling out to all users, providing a mix of casual games ranging from chess and crosswords to popular mobile titles like Angry Birds Showdown and Cut the Rope.

YouTube to Label AI-Generated Content and Address Deepfakes

YouTube will introduce clearer labels for content created using AI, with a banner in the video's description indicating that it is "altered or synthetic." The company acknowledges that it may remove AI-created videos containing disturbing or harmful content.

Twitch Now Allows Simultaneous Streaming on Multiple Platforms

In recent times, some high-profile streamers have migrated to rival platforms like YouTube. By granting creators more flexibility in simulcasting their content, Twitch could be attempting to appease mid-level creators who are grappling with revenue-related concerns.

YouTube Unveils Exciting New Features for Mobile and Web Users

YouTube has just announced a series of exciting updates and design changes that will enhance the user experience for both mobile and web users. These changes range from improved audio controls to better video navigation, and even tools for content creators.

YouTube Introduces YouTube Create App for Video Editing and Creative Tools

YouTube's move to create a dedicated app for content creation is reminiscent of TikTok's strategy with its CapCut app, which helps users create videos for various platforms, including TikTok.

YouTube Debuts TikTok-Like Samples Tab for Music Discovery

Accessible through a dedicated tab in the YouTube Music app, Samples offers users a personalized video stream that introduces them to new music. Each video clip in the feed serves as a musical artist's calling card, featuring their tracks or live concert performances.

Shazam Can Now Identify Songs from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

To use the feature, users simply need to open the Shazam app, tap the Shazam button, and return to the desired third-party app to identify the playing track. Shazam utilizes the smartphone's microphone to listen to the song.

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