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YouTube is a video sharing platform created in 2005 to let people post and share their original video content. It’s a free video-hosting website that allows users to store and serve video content. Nowadays, there are millions of video creators and viewers all over the globe using this website on a daily basis to create, upload, watch, and share various videos of any length. YouTube’s impact on media and advertising, in general, is enormous.

18 Childhood Tunes You’ve Heard, But Never Knew the Names of

Welcome to the world of such popular yet unfamiliar melodies from films and cartoons that you heard in childhood. Now, this world will cease to be anonymous to you.

Fortnite's Travis Scott Virtual Concert Attracted 15.2 Million Viewers

A grandiose event took place for fans of Fortnight and Travis Scott – the Astronomical virtual concert of rapper Travis Scott was watched by more than 15.2 million people.

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows with Friends If You’re in Quarantine or in Different Cities and Countries

If you miss watching movies and TV shows with your friends together, stop being sad right now! We know how to solve this problem without violating quarantine rules.

YouTube Will Limit the Spread of False Coronavirus 5G Theory Videos

YouTube will reduce the number of videos on its platform with false facts about the connection between 5G technology and the coronavirus outbreak.

Google's YouTube Plans to Create a TikTok Rival

YouTube is going to launch its own analog of TikTok. The new app will be called Shorts, and it will provide access to a massive catalog of licensed music.

Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light Will Be Broadcasted on May 16

The 65th Eurovision Song Contest was supposed to be held at Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, but it was canceled. However, it was decided to broadcast the annual song contest.

YouTube Music Redesigned the Playback Screen – It Now Has Lyrics

Google has redesigned the YouTube Music mobile app. It now allows you to view the lyrics on Android, and soon the same will be available on iOS.

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