YouTube has officially introduced a new section called Playables, offering over 75 free games directly accessible through its platform. This feature, initially available only to YouTube Premium subscribers and select testers, is now rolling out to all users, providing a mix of casual games ranging from chess and crosswords to popular mobile titles like Angry Birds Showdown and Cut the Rope.

The launch of Playables marks YouTube's latest venture into gaming, following a trend where tech companies integrate gaming into their platforms to enhance user engagement. Users can find Playables under the "Explore" tab on the YouTube homepage across both desktop and mobile versions.

YouTube to Label AI-Generated Content and Address Deepfakes
YouTube will introduce clearer labels for content created using AI, with a banner in the video’s description indicating that it is “altered or synthetic.” The company acknowledges that it may remove AI-created videos containing disturbing or harmful content.

This feature allows users to dive into games without leaving the YouTube environment, supporting game progress saving and high-score tracking. It also encourages players to share their favorite games with friends.

While the Playables feature is designed to be a fun addition for users, it also opens possibilities for future monetization strategies within YouTube’s ecosystem.