On July 6, the developers of Telegram messenger shared their unique and funny animated sticker pack. One of these days, the app received updates, and now the current version of the app has stickers which can move and seem even more emotional than the simple stickers-pictures.

As they say in the Telegram blog, the software engineers used the TGS format while working on this animated implementation. TGS allows making the lightweight stickers of 20-30 kilobytes with upgrade frequency of 60 frames per second. It also helps to reduce the consumption of the battery, meaning there are no extra demands for the gadget.

Telegram is friendly to creative minds and invites its users to design exclusive stickers. On the official Telegram web page, anyone can find the technical requirements and follow them to craft a moving sticker.

Thus, next to the recent update which brought people the ability to create public geo chats and carry dialogues knowing the point of the chat partner, animated stickers can vivify digital conversations in its turn.