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A curious life observer and news hunter by nature, Margot is a copywriter and an editor. Having practical experience in various positions of the ever-changing newsrooms, she served as an editor, reporter, and web producer for news organizations in San Diego. Competent in global and business events, she creates the front-rank content. First and foremost, she always tries to keep it simple. This is a rule she follows not only in work but also in life in general. Margot loves trying new things and developing in different areas, that is why once she decided to join the Internet Protocol team and focus on tech-related topics.

Quiz: Who Are You From Sherlock Holmes' World?

Outstanding erudition or insight combined with sympathy and responsiveness? Does mind or feelings prevail over your nature? Take our test and find out who you are from Sherlock's world!

Quiz: Do You Know How to Read Body Language?

Body language is hard to control. As convincing as our speech is, facial expressions and gestures give the observer everything we try to hide. Do you know how to read non-verbal signals correctly?

Quiz: What Is People’s First Impression of You?

Scientists claim that it takes only 3 seconds to form a first impression. Do you want to know what people think about you when you meet them for the first time? Then be quick to pass our test!

Quiz: What Are Your Chances of Surviving in the Desert?

Life is an unpredictable thing. We hope that you will never have to walk across the desert, but… who knows where fate will throw you? Test your survival skills and find out how long you'll last in the realm of the sands.

Quiz: Do Your Friends Think You're a Nerd?

In childhood, the word "nerd" sounds like an insult, but in the adult world, it gets a more appropriate shade. Nerdiness can be harmless but also annoying. Are you a nerd? Take our quiz to find out!

Quiz: What Kind of President Would You Be?

I'm sure that at least once, each of us has fantasized about what kind of head of state we could become. Fair and kind? Or maybe strong and powerful? If you feel like you could be a president, just pass this test! We wish you good luck!

Quiz: Can You Guess the Slogans of These Movies?

A slogan is a short and brief phrase, in which creators want to fit the whole message of their work or even the plot of the movie. Some, however, simply come up with a funny phrase. Can you guess the slogans of these movies?

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