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Telegram is a messaging service founded by Pavel Durov, an entrepreneur and founder of a popular social network called VK. Launched in 2013, the messenger now has 200 million users a month. Telegram’s core value is privacy and security, so it claims to be the most secure messaging app. Its key advantage is that all chats, groups, and media are encrypted and can self-destruct.

Apple Complies with Chinese Order to Remove WhatsApp and Threads from App Store

Apple stated that it is obligated to comply with the laws of the countries where it operates, indicating a complex balance between adhering to local regulations and navigating the broader implications for global tech operations.

Telegram's Christmas Update Brings Exciting New Features

Channel administrators now have the flexibility to choose the color of the channel's messages, set a color and logo for the profile cover, add an emoji status, and set a wallpaper visible to all channel visitors.

Telegram's Latest Update Brings Exciting Features and Accessibility

Users can now repost stories from friends and channels to their own profiles. This feature enables the addition of text, audio, or video content to the reposted stories, allowing for a more personalized touch.

Telegram Teases Its visionOS App with AR Stickers for Apple Vision Pro

One standout feature demonstrated in the teaser is an immersive video player that enhances the viewing experience. Additionally, the app includes animated AR stickers that expand beyond the app window, adding an extra layer of interactivity.

Telegram's Latest Update Introduces Stories for Channels and More

Telegram is stepping up its game once again. In its latest update, the popular messaging app has introduced several exciting features, including Stories for channels, reaction stickers in Stories, and the ability to add your own music to Stories.

Telegram Rolls out Its New Stories Feature to Paid Premium Users

Telegram joins other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal that have already implemented their versions of Stories, allowing users to share content with a time limit and engage with their contacts in new ways.

Pavel Durov Revealed That Telegram Is Adding Stories Next Month

In an exciting announcement, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, revealed that the messaging app will be introducing Stories next month. This highly requested feature will allow users to share vibrant moments from their lives with their contacts.

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