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Telegram is a messaging service founded by Pavel Durov, an entrepreneur and founder of a popular social network called VK. Launched in 2013, the messenger now has 200 million users a month. Telegram’s core value is privacy and security, so it claims to be the most secure messaging app. Its key advantage is that all chats, groups, and media are encrypted and can self-destruct.

Telegram Has Withdrawn a Lawsuit Over the Gram Trademark

Telegram filed a lawsuit against a Florida-based startup in May 2018, which also intended to create its own cryptocurrency called Gram. But after Pavel Durov announced the TON project's closure, it was decided to withdraw the lawsuit against Lantah LLC.

Rumors: Telegram Is Sold to

The amount of Telegram’s debt to TON investors is critical, and Telegram does not have its own capital, that's why there are rumors that Telegram is getting ready to be sold to

Telegram Filed EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple App Store

Following Spotify, Rakuten, Epic Games, and Tinder, Telegram messenger also filed a formal antitrust complaint with the EU against Apple's App Store.

How to Activate Video Calls in Telegram 6.3 Update for iOS

In Telegram 6.3 update, it is possible to activate the video calling feature in test mode, but only on iPhones. It is still unknown when this feature will be available to everyone.

Telegram and SEC Concluded a Settlement Agreement. Durov Will Pay a Fine of $18.5 Million and Return $1.22 Billion to TON Investors

On June 25, it became known that Telegram and the SEC entered into an agreement of lawsuit, under which Durov’s team would pay a fine of $18.5 million, and would also be obliged to return $1.22 billion to investors.

Telegram Has Completed the Second Round of the Data Clustering Contest

Telegram launched this contest back in 2019, with the first stage starting on November 18 and ending on December 2, and the second stage beginning on May 11 and ending on May 25.

Telegram Has Completed the Third Stage of the JavaScript Contest for Developers

Telegram announced the end of the third stage of the JavaScript contest for developers. Eleven works were revealed, and judges will select the best ones after testing them. The winner's work will go into further development.

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