The company Inc are planning to spend more than 15 billion dollars on supporting stand-alone companies, which sell products via online-retailors.

Since the start of the year, Amazon launched 150 tools and services, which helps to increase sales on the retail outlet spots for maverick firms.

Besides purchases and sales of various products, Amazon provides their site to third-parties during ten last years. But some sellers started to complain about the rising scale of expenditures on ads and logical network use.

Amazon plans call for spending these funds on new tools, support services and staff. New tools and services – from inventory trackers, pricing tools, sales reports, and product branding and marketing tools, to educational videos and webinars. It helps and makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to start selling in Amazon’s stores.

Vice President Nicholas C.Denissen declared that Amazon always pays attention to clients reviews and added that their success is our success.