Back in August, there was a leak showing the new PlayStation 5 devkit design. At present, it has been confirmed that the patent design and the mock-up are real. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the finished product will look the same.
According to the latest Gizmodo report, the recent devkit has been given a codename “Prospero”.

There are just a few things we can be sure of. The model will probably feature a ray-tracing rendering technique demonstrating the biggest processing power leap of the Sony company so far. It will also have a camera that nevertheless will be of an older technology than the one that the next Xbox under the codename “Scarlett” will have. A custom-made AMD Navi processor will also power the model. The new console is predicted to be eco-friendlier than the previous models as it will consume less power when in a standby mode.

The new Sony PlayStation 5 is a next-generation PlayStation console that will follow the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. However, there have been no announcements about the official release of the new Sony PlayStation 5 yet. It is most likely that Sony will officially present the new PlayStation 5 in 2020.