The founder of Android and the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin, presented the second generation of the Essential Phone.

The back panel has colorful glossy elements, but the design is a bit strange. At first glance, the Essential Phone 2 looks like remote control. It’s too long for a mobile phone and we don’t know how to hold it easily in a hand. Of course, such design helps make the phone stand out among other smartphones.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to create something unique, but it would be better to improve something that already exists and upgrade the characteristics.

The new phone will be presented in 4 colors: blue, orange, red, and green. What’s interesting? The phone can change its color if you look at it from different angles. Rubin touted the unique UI of the new device. We still don’t know other details. As usual, we can only wait for the new Rubin smartphone’s appearance.