The GWD Bio Intelligence company developed new smart glasses that can be used instead of a computer mouse or a touchpad. This new gadget is called HiiDii Glasses.

You can use them as computer glasses, prescription glasses or even sunglasses. This device will not only make your routine more comfortable but also make life easier in general for people with disabilities.

Do you want to know how the glasses work?

Gyroscopic sensors in the right ear-hook detect the user's head movements, while a nose-pad sensor detects the skin-twitches that accompany the blinking of their eyes. Although the system reportedly ignores users' natural blinks, an extended blink is registered as the equivalent of a cursor click on a Bluetooth-connected computer screen. If you blink fast, you can activate the function «Hold» to select specific information on the screen by a glance.

Smart-glasses are compatible with laptops and Windows computers along with all Mac products and Androids smartphones. You can fully charge the glasses in one hour, and the charge will last for up to 10 hours.

Hands-free technology is our future, and these hands-free smart glasses from GWDBI bring this future into the present.

It is said that the HiiDii smart glasses allow users to multi-task across devices without ever touching a screen. Every app, document and chat service can be opened with just a glance.

At present, you can make pre-order with a 60% discount, but after the campaign ends, frames will retail for $189, while frames with lenses will cost $259.