Following the addition of the Apple TV app to the Roku’s streaming players, Apple has also launched the TV app on Amazon Fire TV devices including the Fire TV Stick 4K, the Fire TV Basic Edition, and the Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen). More models such as Fire TV Edition televisions, Fire TV Cube, and the Nebula Fire TV Edition Soundbar will also be supported soon.

The Apple TV app will help you watch shows that will be broadcasted on Apple TV+, an upcoming subscription service that was will launch in November this year. Yet even without subscription, the users will have an opportunity to access TV shows or movies that they have purchased through iTunes before. However, it will be impossible to purchase new media from the TV app, as you will need to do this through any other device with iTunes on it.

The TV app is already available on Samsung devices and soon will be supported by Sony, LG, and others. By making the new service available on third-party platforms, Apple hopes to attract more viewers and users.

The launch of the Apple TV+ will happen on November 1st featuring nine original shows such as “For All Mankind”, “The Elephant Queen”, “Dickinson” etc.