Three years after the first news about the new Atari game console's development emerged, the company is finally ready to launch it on the market. Representatives of the company officially announced that the first 500 Atari VCS would be assembled and shipped to customers in the middle of this month. But it will please only a small part of the retrogaming fans, as almost 12,000 people gathered during the crowdfunding pre-orders.

If there are no problems with the quality of the first batch, the manufacturer will proceed to the small-scale assembly stage, which will be provide larger quantities of consoles.

Atari still has not announced the final characteristics of the new product, and the starting line of games is also unknown.

When creating Atari VCS, the developers were inspired by the Atari 2600 Video Computer System model, but the novelty is designed to launch not only retro games but also modern ones such as Fortnite, though with image quality limitations, as well as online services like YouTube, Netflix, or Disney +.

An AMD Ryzen processor should provide similar functionality with integrated Radeon graphics, 4/8 GB of RAM, and Atari OS based on Debian Linux. The Atari VCS console will be available for $390.

What is also interesting? At the beginning of the year, Atari was planning to build Atari branded hotels for gamers with gaming rooms and streaming equipment in the United States.