Elon Musk's Tesla launched TeslaMic microphones for in-car karaoke, which were only available for purchase in China. They were introduced along with a Chinese New Year software update in China, which allows using the microphones.

According to The Wall Street Journal, all microphones were sold out within the first day, but new deliveries are expected this February.

Tesla customers in China were offered a set of two microphones for $188. A recent software update allows you to sing in a parked electric vehicle and enjoy your favorite hits while watching videos similar to the ones one can watch in karaoke bars. The microphone automatically pairs with the infotainment system and has several sound modes.

There is no information about whether the microphones will be sold in other countries anytime soon.

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Karaoke is one of the favorite entertainments in Asian countries. About 500 million people used online karaoke services in China last year, according to iiMedia Research Group. Therefore, Tesla has found itself unexpectedly lagging behind its competitors since many of them already offer karaoke systems integrated into their cars.