Tech startup Nothing is introducing a new sub-brand named CMF by Nothing. The acronym stands for "Color, Material, and Finish," reflecting the brand's emphasis on design aesthetics. Co-founded by OnePlus's Carl Pei, Nothing aims to tap into the market for more accessible gadgets without competing directly with its mainline products.

The primary focus of CMF by Nothing will be producing visually appealing and affordable devices, targeting a broader audience. This sub-brand will introduce a range of products distinct from Nothing's main offerings, promising a blend of sleek design, affordability, and reliable quality.

Nothing Unveils Its Phone (2) with a New Glyph Interface
One of the noticeable changes is the slightly pillowed and contoured glass back panel, which enhances the phone’s ergonomics. The signature Glyph interface has also undergone enhancements, featuring more segmented LED light strips.

Carl Pei highlighted that these CMF devices will be designed by a separate team under the Nothing umbrella, ensuring a dedicated approach to their development. The initial products under CMF by Nothing will include wireless earbuds and smartwatches, set to hit the market by the end of this year.

Nothing, which has quickly garnered attention in the tech world, is no stranger to sub-brand strategies. Carl Pei's previous involvement in launching OnePlus's Nord sub-brand has evidently influenced the creation of CMF by Nothing. While Nothing's core products will continue to focus on premium design and cutting-edge technology, CMF by Nothing aims to deliver accessible yet stylish gadgets.