Tesla is forging ahead with its ambitious project to develop advanced humanoid robots, and it's making significant progress. The company has introduced the Optimus Gen 2, an upgraded version of its humanoid robot designed to perform a wide range of tasks, potentially replacing humans in various repetitive jobs.

When Tesla first introduced the concept of a humanoid robot, it was met with skepticism, but the company's recent developments suggest they are making serious strides in this field.

The Optimus Gen 2 features several improvements over its predecessor. It now incorporates all Tesla-designed actuators and sensors, enhancing its overall functionality. Notably, the robot can now walk 30% faster than previous iterations, improving its utility for various tasks.

One of the key challenges in designing a useful humanoid robot lies in its hands. They must be strong enough to handle significant weights while remaining precise enough to manipulate delicate objects. Tesla's Optimus Gen 2 addresses this challenge with newly designed hands, offering both strength and dexterity.

In a demonstration video, the robot showcases its capabilities, including performing squats while maintaining balance—a remarkable feat for a humanoid machine. These advancements indicate that Tesla is moving closer to its goal of creating a versatile robot that can undertake a variety of tasks.

Elon Musk Unveiled the Prototype of Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Optimus
The company showed what a working prototype of a humanoid robot could already do in a presentation video. While it is not very confident about moving around, it is already capable of carrying boxes, sorting parts of equipment, and even watering flowers.

Tesla has announced plans to incorporate the Optimus Gen 2 into its manufacturing operations, underscoring the robot's potential practical applications. Once proven effective, Tesla intends to offer the robot for sale.