Garmin has made its mark at CES 2024 by unveiling its latest smartwatch offerings, the Lily 2 series. Comprising two models, the standard Lily 2 and the Lily 2 Classic, these timepieces elevate the wearable technology experience with style and functionality.

Both models feature an anodized aluminum case, with the base Lily 2 available in metallic lilac or cream gold, and the Lily 2 Classic offering cream gold, silver, or dark bronze options. The 1x0.84-inch display boasts a resolution of 240x201 pixels and displays 16 shades of gray. What sets these watches apart is their unique textured watch faces, which, when the display is off, make them resemble mechanical watches. A simple touch or wrist movement activates the screen.

In terms of features, the Lily 2 series offers standard functionalities such as continuous heart rate monitoring, step tracking, calorie burning count, blood oxygen saturation tracking, sleep monitoring, and stress level assessment.

Additionally, these watches empower women with menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy journal capabilities. When high stress levels are detected, the Lily 2 suggests breathing exercises, a valuable feature for stress management.

Garmin Unveils Smartwatches by Women for Women
Garmin has launched a new smartwatch line called Lily, which is the smallest smartwatch specially designed for women.

Garmin prices the Lily 2 at $250, while the Classic version is available for $280.