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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual technology trade fair. The show is organized by the Consumer Technology Association and takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Companies that belong to the consumer electronics industry usually present their new products for the upcoming year at the CES.

Sony Introduces Colorful PlayStation 5 Slim Cover Plates at CES 2024

Available colors include red, blue, and silver, with the silver option paying homage to the original PlayStation. Sony is also working on releasing black side panels, offering more customization choices for gamers.

Rabbit R1 Is an Innovative AI-Powered Assistant That Redefines Smartphone Usage

What sets the Rabbit R1 apart is its ability to learn new tasks. Users can teach it multi-step actions, and once learned, the device can repeat these actions independently.

Garmin Introduces Elegant Lily 2 and Lily 2 Classic Smartwatches

Both models feature an anodized aluminum case, with the base Lily 2 available in metallic lilac or cream gold, and the Lily 2 Classic offering cream gold, silver, or dark bronze options.

Clicks Unveils a Physical BlackBerry-Style Keyboard for iPhone Pro Models

It maximizes screen real estate, allowing users to enjoy their apps and content without interference from the on-screen keyboard. The tactile typing experience is also a major selling point, making typing more efficient.

LG Revealed a Rollable Smartphone Concept at CES 2021

The LG Rollable extends upwards to transform from a smartphone-sized display to a tablet-like display, which is made possible using a mechanism at the bottom of the phone.

Samsung Is Developing a Wine-Pouring Robot

The company has developed a prototype of the Bot Handy robot that can put dirty dishes in the sink, fold clothes, and pour wine into a glass.

Escobar Fold 2 for $399 Is Going to Bury Samsung Galaxy Fold

Escobar Inc., founded by Roberto, the brother of Pablo Escobar, presented the second folding smartphone called Escobar Fold 2. It has a more modern processor and exactly repeats the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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