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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual technology trade fair. The show is organized by the Consumer Technology Association and takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Companies that belong to the consumer electronics industry usually present their new products for the upcoming year at the CES.

LG Revealed a Rollable Smartphone Concept at CES 2021

The LG Rollable extends upwards to transform from a smartphone-sized display to a tablet-like display, which is made possible using a mechanism at the bottom of the phone.

Samsung Is Developing a Wine-Pouring Robot

The company has developed a prototype of the Bot Handy robot that can put dirty dishes in the sink, fold clothes, and pour wine into a glass.

Escobar Fold 2 for $399 Is Going to Bury Samsung Galaxy Fold

Escobar Inc., founded by Roberto, the brother of Pablo Escobar, presented the second folding smartphone called Escobar Fold 2. It has a more modern processor and exactly repeats the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

A Toilet Paper Manufacturer Presented a Useful Toilet Robot and a Bathroom Smell Sensor at CES 2020

CES 2020 exhibitors continue to surprise us with their new inventions, so the toilet paper manufacturer Charmin introduced three new gadgets.

Aō Air Introduces the Atmos: An Air Purification Mask That Comes at $350

The device is supposed to provide people with clean air by covering their nose and mouth and using a special technology.

A Cat, a Robot, and a Waiter in One “Person,” Could You Imagine It? PuduTech Introduced the Mewing Robot Cat Waiter

Due to the lack of waiters in Chinese restaurants, a local company invented a cute robot cat waiter. The company believes that in the future, the robot cat will be trendy in many restaurants.

Apple Algorithms Scan Your Photos in iCloud

Apple confirmed that they scan iCloud pics with users’ agreement and use technology to check specific photos.

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