Elon Musk recently shared a video on his social media platform, X (formerly known as Twitter), showcasing his latest creation, the Tesla robot Optimus, folding a shirt.

In the video, Optimus adeptly folds a black shirt on a table, seemingly without any assistance. However, Musk was quick to clarify in a follow-up post that the robot was not operating autonomously. He explained that while Optimus currently relies on predefined actions to perform tasks, it will eventually achieve full autonomy and operate in various environments without constraints, such as a fixed table and a single shirt in a box.

Tesla Unveils Optimus Gen 2, Its Next-Gen Humanoid Robot
The company has introduced the Optimus Gen 2, an upgraded version of its humanoid robot designed to perform a wide range of tasks, potentially replacing humans in various repetitive jobs.

Elon Musk introduced Optimus in 2021, highlighting its integration with Tesla's self-driving car AI systems. While the video showcased some impressive technical achievements, it remains clear that true autonomy and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities are still on the horizon for Optimus.