Microsoft and OpenAI are charting the future of artificial intelligence with plans to construct a $100 billion AI supercomputer named Stargate, The Information reports. Aimed to be operational by 2028, this initiative marks a monumental step forward in the AI domain, potentially transforming numerous industries and enhancing computational capabilities beyond current limits.

Insiders reveal that Stargate represents the pinnacle of a five-phase strategy developed by both companies, intending to progressively build a series of supercomputers within the next six years. This particular supercomputer, however, stands out for its projected scale and the innovative technologies it promises to employ, including millions of specialized AI server chips to address the growing demand for advanced AI data processing.

The proposed supercomputer is anticipated to be situated in the U.S. and may become the most expensive data center project ever undertaken, estimated to be 100 times costlier than existing large-scale data centers.

Microsoft is expected to finance the Stargate project, underscoring its commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI alongside OpenAI. The partnership reflects a shared vision for advancing AI capabilities, with Stargate poised to play a crucial role in accelerating AI innovations and applications.

The construction of Stargate also raises considerations around power consumption, with discussions about leveraging nuclear energy to meet its substantial energy requirements.