In an innovative addition to the wearable tech market, the new AI-powered device, the Limitless Pendant, has been unveiled, offering users the ability to record everything they hear throughout the day. Priced at $99, this device is now available for pre-order and is expected to ship in August.

The Limitless Pendant can be worn around the neck or clipped to clothing, functioning as both a memory aid and a personal assistant. It is designed to record conversations, meetings, and daily interactions, storing the data securely in the cloud. Users can later access transcriptions, real-time notes, and summaries of their recordings. This makes the pendant an ideal tool for professionals who need to track details from various interactions or for anyone looking to enhance their daily recall.

Developed by Limitless, this device leverages advanced AI to provide real-time processing and synthesis of audio data. The gadget features a visible LED that lights up while recording, signaling active recording status to ensure transparency and consent. The innovative 'Consent Mode' uses voice identification technology to capture only the voices of individuals who have agreed to be recorded, addressing privacy concerns proactively.

The pendant connects via WiFi and Bluetooth, charges through USB-C, and boasts a substantial 100-hour battery life, making it highly practical for extended use. It also offers unlimited audio storage and up to 10 hours per month of AI functionality for free, with an option to upgrade to unlimited AI features for an additional $20 per month.