Xiaomi's gaming division, Black Shark, is setting a new benchmark in the wearable technology market with its latest innovation — the Black Shark Ring. This smart ring, anticipated to rival Samsung's Galaxy Ring, boasts an impressive battery life of up to 180 days, thanks to its efficient charging case.

The Black Shark Ring features a sleek design with a thickness of just 2.2mm, making it almost imperceptible during daily wear. It is available in two color combinations: silver and black with a red accent. The ring also integrates a distinctive black stripe that supports "Smart Touch" technology for gesture-based controls, enhancing interaction with other connected devices.

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It comes as part of Samsung’s broader vision to provide users with greater insights into their health, empowering them to make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Beyond its stylish appearance, the ring is equipped with comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and body temperature tracking. These features position the ring not only as a fashion accessory but also as a valuable tool for health and fitness monitoring.

While Xiaomi has not yet disclosed the pricing or the specific release date, the announcement has already generated significant interest in the tech community. The Black Shark Ring's extended battery life and advanced features could make it a formidable competitor in the rapidly growing smart ring sector.