Samsung officially announced that they fixed incompleteness of the Galaxy Fold and planned to introduce the gadget in September. Engineers repaired all display problems due to the feedbacks of the journalists which tested samples.

In April, Samsung runs the test-drive of the Fold model and sent several smartphones to the bloggers to know their opinion. There were some troubles with the screen as the small pieces of dust and trash could easily get under the protection layer what caused problems with functioning. The folding part from the top and bottom needed to be well-protected, and the mechanism reinforced.

Samsung took time to finalize the folding system and made the sensitive place stronger by adding more metal layers underneath the Infinity Flex Display.

Moreover, the protection layer which users removed by mistake in early tryouts will be hidden under the borders of the frame in the upgraded models.

The rebel design of this gadget and the $1,980 price can kickstart the whole new breed of flexible smartphones.