Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Samsung Lied About Having Sold a Million Galaxy Fold Smartphones

Samsung's CEO provided false sales data of the Galaxy Fold – a smartphone with a flexible screen.

A New Patent from Samsung: Foldable Tablet

While we are still watching reviews on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company applied for a patent of the foldable tablet.

Chinese Creators Unveiled Triple Folding Smartphone

When it’s half-opened, the shape resembles the letter Z. And when the device is folded, it’s quite thick and unlikely to fit some pockets.

Motorola Announced the Reload of the RAZR Model. The Heritor of the Legendary Razor

Motorola folding phone is back again! Moto Razr device introduction catches up the releases of Fall 2019

Samsung Plans to Offer Another Foldable Smartphone

The flexible display of the future device will fold the screen inside into a "pocket-placed square". Thinner and cheaper than the Galaxy Fold is expected to arrive next year.

Huawei Postponed the Release of the Mate X Smartphone

Huawei flexible Mate X is planned to be launched by November. Two-side display and the tablet form the all-in-one device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is Ready to Impress the World

Samsung planned to introduce Galaxy Fold revolutionary smartphone in September. Engineers repaired problems due to the feedbacks of the journalists.

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