The first acquaintance with the family of your partner is always immense stress. Such trope usually occurs only in comedy films. However, over the last years, horror movies present us the same motive, as in the film “Get Out” of Jordan Peele. The Radio Silence filmmaking trio combined horror elements with killer humor and showed maybe the best horror-comedy for nowadays.

The main female character (Samara Weaving) married with a rich guy from an eccentric family. As an orphan, all her life she dreamed about family. In the night after the wedding, she got to know with husband’s family better. His family made a pile of games. But before to be on the cusp of the family part, you should get through the traditional ritual: play the random set. The heroic figure chose hide-and-seek.

Game for life for the glory of Satan!
Indigenously hide-and-seek is the ominous game, on the West, the odd man out was called “it”, in Japan - “demon”.

All characters in this film are fraught with surprises. In a result, it can’t mystify. Antagonists enhance the humor, drama, and strain. “Ready or Not” it’s not only mystic slasher, but it’s also black comedy. Besides, caricatural characteristics are presented at their figures. As it was in “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” when hippies came to do hellish staff. The irony is everywhere, even in the soundtrack. In the beginning, you can hear the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which laid the foundation of legend on drat.

Radio Silence is far away from philosophical depth and social subtilty. They frankly deride the icon of the white American family.
Rotten Tomatoes published critics consensus: “Ready or Not” - is a crowd-pleasing horror film with giddily entertaining bite. Smart, subversive and darkly funny.