The first part of “It” in 2017 had an enormous success. It became not only the highest-grossing horror movie of all time but the cultural phenomenon. The film caused the new wave of copycats and returned the fad on Steven King production. And don’t forget about the box office at 700 million dollars. After such results, there were high expectations of the second sequel, although King-lovers knew that producers got yourselves trapped. The filmmaker Andy Muschietti didn’t perform to the level of the first part “It”.

We knew that we would see Pennywise again. The Second Chapter focuses on the adult versions of the Losers Club reviving the terror they faced as children 27 years ago.

All the best from King was shot in the first part, it’s the main problem. That’s why Muschietti and the film’s writer Gary Dauberman decided to change storytelling. The continuous jokes during the film relieve the tension. The sequel is teetering on the edge of dark comedy. The horror here is second-tier. Bill Skarsgård is still incredible in the role of Pennywise, but we know all his tricks from the first Chapter. For more effectiveness, creatives made scary scenes extensive with graphic.

Unfortunately, it effectuated with varied success. Sometimes monsters look a little bit doodle. Evidently, the book’s ending works better on-page than screen.

Otherwise, "It2" deserves special attention. It Chapter Two clocks in at an impressive 169 minutes, making it the longest-ever horror movie. No need to pin so many hopes on this film and before you should rewatch the first part. It has references to the IT 2017.