At today’s presentation, Xiaomi saved the best for last and introduced the new Mi MIX Alpha smartphone

During the presentation, Lei Jun stated that it took two years to develop Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha and that over 500 million dollars were invested in its creation. Such a long development was definitely worth it because Xiaomi really impressed everyone.

Back in the day, everyone dreamed of a phone like this and rumor even had it that the future iPhone 11 would be made full screen. Xiaomi translated this idea into reality and even exceeded the expectations.

You haven’t seen anything like this before for sure. The body of the smartphone is 180,6% made out of glass and is surrounded by the titanium alloy. Also, there is a narrow black ceramic strap on the back where the camera is placed. The lenses of the camera are made of sapphire glass.The power button is on the top of the body. The display is curved on both sides. This hi-tech solution is provided by the 360-degree protection by a screen protector and it looks classy.The rear smartphone body can be used as an application control center. There is also an innovative backlight on the sides. The rear panel display automatically switches to the front panel while screen rotation.

The new Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha has it all:

  • the 108-megapixel camera of an ultra-high resolution with the highest point of 12032×9024
  • the battery with a capacity of 4050 mAh that supports fast charging of 40W
  • extremely loud speaker

However, unlike Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G, not everyone will be able to afford Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha. Its price exceeds the price of the latest iPhone more than two times.
The price of this novelty is 19999 CNY (2813 USD). The smartphone will come to the market in December, 2019.