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The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. The First iPhone was introduced back in 2007. All iPhone models run on the iOS operating system also developed by Apple. Having a touchscreen interface, iPhones combine several devices in them, including a digital camera, iPod, and a cellular phone.

AltStore PAL Is the First Alternative iPhone App Store in the EU

For an annual fee of just €1.50, users can access AltStore PAL and enjoy apps like Delta, a versatile emulator for classic Nintendo games, and Clip, a sophisticated clipboard manager that operates continuously in the background.

The Browser Company Released Arc Search, Its New iOS App That Focuses on Searching

When you input a query, a "Browse for me" button appears next to it. Clicking it prompts the browser to analyze available articles on the topic and create a mini-website summarizing the information.

Apple to Allow Third-Party App Stores and Payment Options in the EU

Users will be able to download approved alternative app marketplaces and set them as the default option on their devices. Developers can also choose to use third-party payment systems without paying an additional fee to Apple.

Clicks Unveils a Physical BlackBerry-Style Keyboard for iPhone Pro Models

It maximizes screen real estate, allowing users to enjoy their apps and content without interference from the on-screen keyboard. The tactile typing experience is also a major selling point, making typing more efficient.

Apple Announces Best Apps and Games of 2023 in App Store Awards

This year's recipients, selected by the App Store's Editorial team, represent developers from around the world who have provided users with exceptional experiences and contributed to cultural change through their creations.

Apple Unveils iPhone 15 Lineup With USB-C, Dynamic Island, and More

These announcements represent a significant step forward for Apple, with the adoption of USB-C and camera improvements standing out as noteworthy changes in the new iPhone 15 lineup.

Winners of the 2023 iPhone Photography Awards Were Announced

The IPPAWARDS is an international competition that showcases the artistic potential of smartphone photography. Among this year's victors, Thea Mihu from Germany secured the title of "Photographer of the Year" with the image "Soy Sauce Village."

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