Todd Phillips’ Joker took the Golden Lion home at the Venice Film Festival. Joaquin Phoenix did not just play a comic-book character, but an utterly alluring hero whose drama is fascinating. The movie also features Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, and Marc Maron; all of them distinctly strengthen the motion picture.

For some, he is an ugly schizo; for others, he is a genius. By the way, greatness comes in a basic package with mental disorders. Arthur Fleck became a lunatic with a painted face after he had failed to be understood and had been rejected in his hometown, Gotham. There was a sick mother awaiting him at home along with the news that his family was involved with the richest man in the city, Thomas Wayne.

Joker is always portrayed as an avenger, but above all, he’s a sociopath who has declared himself responsible for proving that for every action there’s always a reaction, and that reaction will surely resonate with someone’s peculiar mind.

The plot of the movie may be literally whatever possible because after all, the audience’s eyes will be on the game Joker plays. He always does, except nobody knows what he is up to and what his truth is. Defining his prime mover is extremely difficult. He’s a creature of the chaos, destructiveness is in his nature.

There’s no human more dangerous than the one who is completely missing any fear and who is a stranger to petrified societal norms.

It’ll be painful and overwhelming, gloomy and genuine, sinister and will make you want to laugh. It’ll happen this October, this fall.

The Venice Film Festival gave a standing ovation. Will you?