One of these days, Google received lots of complaints from employees of various companies all over the world as they had troubles with a browser running.

It happened because Google began to deploy a new experimental feature in the standard assembly of the Chrome browser. Unfortunately,something went wrong, and thousands of users experienced problems with the browser.

As users stated, the browser tabs unexpectedly became empty and displayed the so-called "white screen of death" (WSOD). And the opening of new windows was also impossible by this error.

In fact, the problem caused a collapse and disruption of the work for thousands of various companies, evoking significant losses. The situation got worse as numerous employees were not able to change their browsers, being literally isolated from the Internet, especially call center teams had the hardest times.

Later, it transpired that the reason for the glitch was the testing of the feature called WebContents Occlusion, that supposed to save the system's resources by "freezing" browser tabs after they are folded.

Google company has already sent an apology message to all the users and rolled back the bungled experiment.