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In IT, a bug is a logic error, flaw, or fault within the source code of a program. Bugs may produce unexpected results or cause computer programs or hardware systems to behave in an unintended manner or quit unexpectedly. Most programs get tested multiple times before the final release because bugs negatively affect their usability.

How to Frame Someone Using WhatsApp Mute Function Vulnerability

WhatsApp is full of vulnerabilities that are yet to discover. The vulnerability that we are focusing on today can make you lose your job and even ruin your relationships with other people.

17 Million Phone Numbers Were Matched to User Accounts Using a Twitter Bug on an Android App

A security researcher was able to discover a bug by uploading millions of phone numbers to a Twitter’s Android app and matching them to user accounts.

WhatsApp Group Chat Crash & Data Loss Bug

WhatsApp vulnerabilities allowed hackers to block group chat participants, change the general parameters, and even to change the text of the message.

Facebook Software Breakdown Impeded the Ordinary Work of the Service

The social media Facebook undergoes some system problems which have already triggered the prompt reaction of users globally.

Chrome Browser Was Broken Because of Google’s Experiment

Google intended to make the Chrome browser better and got troubles instead.

iOS Bug or Facebook Secretly Traces Users through iPhone Camera?

What would you say if someone or something could keep an eye on you through the camera of your iPhone?

Apple: the Third-Party Keyboards Can Steal Data from iOS 13 and iPadOS

Apple discovered a bug in the iOS 13.1, and the alternate keyboards can use it. Anything that users type can be stored and published without authorization.

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