Hong Kong is now experiencing tough times which started in spring and still last. The confrontation between demonstrators and the police gets more severe.

Photo and video reports of The Guardian highlight the present-day situation where the vicinities of the local university remind of a real front line. Moreover, police officers threaten to use live ammunition.

Hong Kong citizens strive against China political pressure and influence. On Thursday, November 14, Chinese leader of PRC Xi Jinping made the first official statement demanding to stop the violence and restore order.

Thereon, Chinese soldiers out of uniform appeared in Hong Kong. Along with citizens, they started to demount barricades on the streets of the city that protesters installed earlier. Also, the traffic was partially blocked in Hong Kong, and the city was even paralyzed for a while.

The officials said that soldiers are the volunteers who don’t have a particular mission. However, the activists are afraid that the army forces will put down their plans. The groups of these “volunteers” were attacked with stones in some parts of the city.

Within two days, on November 17-18, the increased tension transformed into a real battle. Protesters occupied the university building and made several flame barrages to obstruct approach of police squads.

The police used the tear gas and the water jet in response and got ready to start the gunfire. After the assault of the university was finished and the building was recaptured, police officers started arresting all demonstrators. As it turned out later, 40 people were injured and 2 people died during the first days of protests.

On the grounds of riots, schools and universities in the whole city were closed. The minister of finance also stated that Hong Kong is close to the economic lapse; a similar situation took place in 1997.

Today’s strikes aroused due to a new extradition law that would allow it throughout the country. But the social reaction and the emerged violence made authorities cancel the divisive legislative draft.

However, the situation remained the same, and now protesters demand the retirement of the existing government. Together with reforms, they require the right to select the administrative authority and to stop attempts of forceful resolution of conflict.