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Ivan Tkachenko

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Ivan immigrated to Canada when he was a student. He observes the latest political news, particularly those concerning Eastern Europe, as this is where his homeland and heart are.

This Is Not a Joke: Bush Junior and Putin Cutting a Rug at the Kremlin

It’s not post-irony at all – it’s a video published by the Kremlin itself.

The US Army Says Military Draft Texts Are Fake

The messages tell people that they need to come to the nearest Army recruiting branch “for immediate departure to Iran.”

Ukraine International Airlines Plane Crashes in Iran: Technical Malfunction or Iran Tricks?

On board of the wrecked Boeing 737 there were 167 passengers and nine crew members, while most victims were students.

Spotify to Stop Political Advertising

Spotify followed the steps of Twitter and TikTok: in 2020, the company will abandon political advertising.

Apple News Teams and ABC News Collaboration Will Cover the Upcoming 2020 United States Presidential Election

Apple News and ABC News will collaborate to provide up-to-the-minute coverage of the key events of the 2020 United States presidential election that will be available in the Apple News app.

A Teenager Managed to Restore the TikTok Account Thanks to Trump

Aziza is not the first teenager who tries to convey global social issues through TikTok, but she’s the first one who has managed to restore her account with the help of Trump.

China Aimed to Fix Trade Relationships with the USA and Conquer Intellectual Property Theft

This could be the starting point towards the ending of the Trade War between the two mighty countries with the largest economies.