Christmas is pure magic. Music, films, and, of course, adverts help us get into the amazing Christmas spirit. An official symbol of the upcoming winter holidays is Coca Cola’s Christmas ad with a convoy of glittering red trucks and a timeless song titled Holidays Are Coming.

We’ve prepared a compilation of stories in advertising campaigns that can melt the ice in people’s hearts and can make even the most cynical person cry. These ads remind us that deep down in our hearts, we’re all still kids.

John Lewis, “Man on the Moon”

John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 was devoted to the topic of loneliness as nearly one million older people feel lonely during the holiday season. Even though this is a rather sad topic, the video is full of kindness and Christmas magic. The ad tells a story of a young girl named Lily and a lonely old man living on the Moon. Lily loved watching the Moon. Once upon a time, she noticed a small house on it along with an old man walking on the regolith. Lily wanted to contact the grandpa very much, but she hasn’t succeeded. In the end, she received a Christmas present she had been dreaming of.

Sainsbury’s, “Christmas 1914”

This advert was based on a documentary about the real history of a Christmas truce. Sainsbury’s believes that “Christmas is for Sharing.” The campaign supports this idea with a true story that represents the real Christmas spirit. One hundred years ago, during the first months of World War I, something unusual happened. On December 25, 1914, soldiers laid down their arms and an unofficial truce began on the Western Front. The opposing British and German soldiers left their trenches to exchange gifts and play football for a bit. Sainsbury’s sold every last chocolate bar shown in the ad in every store. All profits were donated to charity.

Allegro, “English for Beginners”

The story revolves around an elderly Polish man who is diligently trying to learn English. It’s as if we are keeping an eye on him, his learning process, and progress. It feels like he’s learning a new language to simply keep his mind busy. It’s a heartwarming story because the purpose of his learning is actually to communicate with his little granddaughter who lives in London. Later, the man receives a suitcase by mail. He packs his things and flies to the UK where he joins his son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Here a timid little girl appears. “Hi,” he says to her. “I am your grandpa.” It’s impossible not to melt after these words.

Lotería de Navidad 2015, "La Historia de Justino"

The advert tells us about a national lottery, which has been held in Spain since 1812 and is a Christmas tradition for a group of people who compete for a prize and share it with each other if they win. The video is about a story of a lonely night security guard who works at a mannequin factory. He spends lonely nights on shifts and therefore seeks out various ways to avoid boredom by arranging mannequins in funny ways. He sets up mannequins who give cakes to their colleagues as birthday presents, play snowball fights, and he creates an incredible glowing Christmas tree out of them.

Suddenly, the office wins the lottery. Justino goes to the factory for his next shift, and this time a surprise awaits him. It’s nearly impossible not to get emotional with all this loud music and the old man’s lively tears.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014, “Monty the Penguin”

The advert with a magic cover version of John Lennon’s Real Love as a soundtrack is a masterpiece with a sweet and touching ending. A young boy makes an unforgettable Christmas holiday for his penguin friend.

In a video, the boy and his Antarctic friend go to the park, play football, watch TV, and go sledding before an amazing finishing note, which is a slogan that goes, “Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of.”

Heathrow Airport, "Coming Home for Christmas"

Coming home – the best gift of all.

The advert shows us a story of a loving elderly couple of teddy bears and their cutest moments. A touching couple of teddy bears is looking for someone in the crowd, and we see where they were heading in the first place – to their family.

M&S 2016 Christmas Ad, “Christmas with love from Mrs Claus”

Marks & Spencer introduced its Christmas campaign from the legendary Tom Hooper, the director of The King’s Speech, and showed an entirely new character – Santa’s wife.

The advert tells the story of Jake. Jake is a 7-year-old boy who used to quarrel with his sister quite often this year. He wants to do something special for her on Christmas day to forget all the hard feelings and decides to write a letter to Mrs Claus that helps him give his sister an ideal present.

A pretty cool Mrs Claus who flies her own helicopter in a perfect red Marks & Spencer suit and the kindness she shares with Jake and his family turn this Christmas ad into a unique story that we have never seen before.