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Science Digest: The Earth’s Song, Sunken Ships with Treasures, and Dogs Sniffing Out COVID-19

Constant talk about quarantine and new COVID-19 cases causes anxiety. Therefore, in our new science digest, you will find pieces of news that will make you smile and help save your mental health in self-isolation.

Weekly Fun: The Biggest Hollywood Fight, an Arrested Tiger Sculpture, and a Death Metal Album by Liquid Death

This week’s stories feature a runaway tiger who turned out to be a sculpture, the biggest Hollywood fighting challenge, and a bird that intercepted a rocket flying into a tank.

One of the First Coronavirus Vaccine Volunteers Revealed Side Effects

A real race to develop a rescue vaccine for the novel coronavirus infection has unfolded around the world. Who will become the pioneer? Whose method will be the most effective? Go and read about it in our article.

YouTube Will Limit the Spread of False Coronavirus 5G Theory Videos

YouTube will reduce the number of videos on its platform with false facts about the connection between 5G technology and the coronavirus outbreak.

British 5G Towers Are Being Set on Fire Due to Bogus Conspiracy Theories That Link 5G With the Coronavirus Outbreak

Locals of Birmingham and Merseyside set fire to three 5G stations. The reason for this protest gesture was the belief that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus occurred due to the harmful effects of the fifth-generation networks.

Weekly Fun: Wild Goats Taking Over a Town, a Guy Dressed up as a Bush, and Face Masks with a Peculiar Design

This week’s stories feature wild goats taking over a town, a guy dressed up as a bush, face masks with a vulva design, and ways of how to make it look like you’re working when you are actually not.

Due to Coronavirus Lockdown, BrewDog Will Open Its Online Pubs

The famous British pub chain BrewDog will open the virtual doors of its online pub today to let people keep in touch amid the coronavirus lockdown.

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