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Netflix Announced a New Top 10 Feature to Highlight the Most Popular Shows and Films on the Platform

The Top 10 rows will be updated every day, and their position will depend on how relevant they are to users.

London Metropolitan Police Will Deploy Live Facial Recognition Systems

Privacy activists, politicians, data regulators, and human rights groups have raised serious concerns in relation to the facial recognition system.

An Epic Innovation From Bentley Awaits Us in the New Decade

By 2025, Bentley promises to please us with an electric car. Combining the past and the future will not be so easy, so the company does not guarantee a new electric vehicle ahead of schedule.

Rolls-Royce Prepares a "Speed Revolution" with the New Electric Race Plane

Roll-Royce hopes that its new project will be the world's fastest all-electric aircraft. At Gloucestershire Airport in England, the company presented the single-passenger, zero-emissions ACCEL project plane that is predicted to reach a top speed of over 480 km/h.

Apple’s Latest Acquisition Is a UK-Based Startup Company Called Spectral Edge

Apple has acquired a Cambridge-based startup called Spectral Edge. Its technology may well improve the quality of photos taken on iPhones.

7 Touching Christmas Ads That You Might Have Missed

We’ve prepared a compilation of stories in advertising campaigns that can melt the ice in people’s hearts and can make even the most cynical person cry.

The Most Ridiculous Laws: Part 2

It would indeed seem that the law is there to make our lives better. However, sometimes, laws incite a facepalm and confused laughter. If you feel like your rights are being impaired, be quick to read our new most ridiculous laws list.