As a part of its Digital Wellbeing initiative, Google has introduced three new apps that were created to help users reduce their screen time and find a balance between tech and life. The company announced this initiative last October, aiming to promote digital wellbeing.

The new apps available now are called Envelope, Activity Bubbles, and Screen Stopwatch.


This app is currently only available on the Pixel 3A model. Still, if you’re a lucky owner of this smartphone, all you need to do is to download the Envelope app from the Google Play Store, print out the envelope, cut one out, and make a paper envelope, following the instructions.

The fun part is that then you need to actually put your smartphone in an envelope once you’re ready to take a break from it and once you’ve opened the app. While having your phone sealed, you will only be able to use its basic functionality like dialing phone numbers, using speed dial, or taking photos or videos. The envelope covers the entire smartphone, except for its camera and a fingerprint reader.

Whenever you’re ready to get back to using your device to the fullest again, you will need to tear the seal.

Activity Bubbles

Next comes an app called Activity Bubbles that can help users find out more about the amount of time they spend using their phones. This app looks like a live wallpaper that adds a new bubble each time you unlock your smartphone. The more you unlock it, the bigger those bubbles grow.

Screen Stopwatch

The last but not least is Screen Stopwatch, which is basically similar to Activity Bubbles because it helps track time spent on one’s phone. This app shows the total phone usage a day. Each time a user unlocks one’s phone, the stopwatch continues to count.

All three apps are currently available for download on Google Play.