“The Nurses Asked Me to Rate on a Scale of One to Ten, How Much Pain I Feel. And I Said 55!” Ozzy Osbourne Has Admitted That He Has Parkinson’s Disease.

Loyal fans suspected something was wrong after spotting the rock musician with a cane. Rumors about Ozzy’s illness immediately spread all over the Internet, and there were reasons for that. The rock musician is bad at keeping secrets.

On the “Good Morning America” show, he admitted that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Ozzy unsuccessfully fell at home in April 2019 and had to cancel his tour due to the surgery. He still regrets this decision because he misses his people badly (that’s what he calls his fans). Soon after the surgery, the musician began suffering from severe bouts of pain. Experts concluded that it was neuralgia – the damage of peripheral nerves. It was unable to ascertain what caused this condition: the fall or the surgery.

“A year ago I was in a terrible state. I'm on a host of medication, mainly for the surgery. I've got numbness down this arm and my legs are going cold. I don't know if it's the Parkinson's or what. That's the problem,” lamented Ozzy. "The first six months, I was in agony," he said. "I'd say, 'Sharon, you're not telling me the truth. I'm dying, aren't I?' I thought I'd got some terminal illness because the improvement was so slow. I'm getting better, but after the surgery, the nurses asked me on a scale of one to ten how much pain I was in, and I said, '55!' Six months of waking up in the morning and being unable to move is a miserable existence," Ozzy said.

American specialists are at a loss, so in April of this year, the family will go to Switzerland, where a professor specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease works.

The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are muscle stiffness, slow movement, Impaired posture and balance, sleep disorder, chronic fatigue. This progressive neurological disease destroys the brain cells responsible for movement, and can also lead to disability. For now, medicine cannot cure Parkinson’s disease, but some medications can slow it down. Besides, scientists around the world are conducting research to finally defeat this dangerous condition.

Among famous individuals who suffered or suffer from Parkinson’s disease are:

  1. The legendary boxer Muhammad Ali suffered from a severe form of Parkinson’s disease.
  2. The founding father of surrealism, Salvador Dalí, was diagnosed with Parkinsonism at the age of 76.
  3. Pope John Paul II also suffered from this severe illness, which went hand in hand with serious speech problems.
  4. The German politician and a long-term leader of GDR Erich Honecker also suffered from Parkinson’s disease.
  5. By the mid-70s, the Great Helmsman Mao Zedong was so seriously ill that he was no longer able to actively intervene in China’s policy.
  6. One of the most radical political figures of the second half of the 20th century, Yasser Arafat, also suffered from symptoms of Parkinsonism.