The developer of the infrastructure for the Telegram Open Network (TON) ecosystem, TON Labs, presented the main components of TON OS. This end-to-end open-source infrastructure will allow developers and users to work with the TON blockchain.

The TON Blockchain Platform Will Have Its Own Operating System
Only the Gram cryptocurrency, not the blockchain platform, falls under the restrictions of the regulator. Therefore, soon the TON OS app for working with the TON blockchain platform will appear on Google Play and AppStore.

Within TON OS, it will be possible to create applications that are automatically compatible with the blockchain platform. In the future, it is planned to create various apps that ensure the security of cryptocurrency transfers.

The TON Labs team has published the implementation of the full TON node in Rust, the command-line interface, the TON Multisignature Wallet smart contract, scripts, and dock containers for launching TON validators.

While investors of the original TON blockchain platform do not fully understand what is happening and are not even sure if Durov will launch the platform, TON Labs announced an analog of TON – Free TON.

TON Investors Believe That Telegram Refuses to Launch Its Blockchain Platform
TON investors have been receiving many letters from Durov’s team since April 30, but still have not received an exact answer whether the blockchain platform will ever be launched or not.

Free TON will be launched in several stages to ensure the development of the protocol with the participation of the original developers. All participants agreed to provide maximum decentralization at the levels of management, software development, validation, and user interface.

On the website of an unofficial analog of TON, the developers collected all the necessary information to launch the network. Within a month, they promise to release a decentralized Surf browser, a TON Cash token, and a decentralized DePool staking pool.