Soon, the TON OS app for working with the TON blockchain platform will appear in Google Play and AppStore.

Telegram Open Network (TON) is a blockchain platform developed by the team of the Telegram messenger, headed by its founder Pavel Durov. By the beginning of 2018, $1.7 billion of investments were attracted to create the platform. The launch was planned before the end of October 2019. It was planned to use the Gram cryptocurrency to confirm transactions on the platform. Unfortunately, by the SEC request a few days before the launch, a court in the United States imposed a ban on the release of Gram tokens.

Investors Don’t Know Anything About TON in Several Days Before Launch
New York-licensed attorney at Buzko Legal, Evgeny Krasnov, explains that the deadline on April 30 is conditional because it has already been moved at least once. Telegram may once again try to negotiate with investors and postpone the launch to a later date.

The deadline for launching Durov’s blockchain platform is today — April 30, 2020.

TON OS is not an alternative to existing operating systems but it will be an add-on for devices to support an app on the blockchain. TON OS is available for developers, and a user interface has been added to it. Soon, it will be intended for any users. Applications for installing the operating system have already been developed and will soon become available for mass use on smartphones and laptops.

Blockchain is widely perceived as the technological basis for tokens and cryptocurrency wallets. However, its functionality is much more extensive. Therefore, new services for several existing applications were developed for TON OS.

TON Investors Outside the US May Not Receive Their Money Back
The blockchain platform of the Durov brothers should be launched in a couple of days. Otherwise, the founder of Telegram will have to return the money to investors. But investors who are not residents of the US fear that they will not be refunded.

Within TON OS, it will be possible to create applications that will automatically be compatible with the blockchain platform. Such programs may include bots, smart contracts, and apps that coordinate the actions of participants and record their interaction, movement of documents, and apps for voting.

In the future, the operating system will have many applications to ensure the security of the transfer of various values, not only cryptocurrencies.

In the documents for Telegram investors, it was reported that among the additional services of the blockchain platform, there will also be TON Services. It is a platform for creating and downloading blockchain-based applications. The authors will receive Gram tokens for developing the app.

TON OS was not mentioned in the memorandum of the TON platform, and the Telegram team is not directly related to the creation of the operating system. TON OS may be used as a means of payment even without Gram with some other cryptocurrency. Let us remind that the claims from the SEC concern the Gram cryptocurrency only, and the blockchain platform does not belong to the restrictions of the regulator.

Gram Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need to Know
If you buy Gram after the official launch of TON in the future, this will not mean that you “own a part of Telegram.” Gram tokens do not give their owners any exclusive rights like the right to receive dividends from Telegram or the right to control it.