In 2020, coronavirus spoiled the plans of all mankind. It’s not that easy to travel freely around the world and move towards your goals when all this is hiding outside your apartment. However, the basic need for memes will always be satisfied, we took care of this. All our emotions about this year can be expressed in two pictures. In this article, you will find a story about the contrast between expectations and reality of 2020.

We can’t even imagine how people expressed their emotions and feelings without memes two hundred years ago! Luckily, we don’t have such a problem as Twitter users share pictures for “My plans vs. 2020” meme. It is dedicated to how 2020 destroyed our plans and career, mercilessly got on our nerves, and drove us into our apartments for self-isolation. The pictures on the left represent what we expected from 2020. Pictures on the right show harsh reality.

2020 Is the Worst Year in the History of Humankind
Twitter users are afraid of the apocalypse and use meme therapy to cope with stress. Here’s what people think about the year 2020 – the worst year so far.
2020 Is Still the Worst Year in the History of Humankind
Humor is the best disease prevention. Here’s the second part of the meme therapy that people use to cope with stress and in order to not lose heart in quarantine.