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Twitter is a social networking service founded in 2013. It allows users to post Tweets, retweet them, and follow people they like. Twitter helps you follow the latest and breaking news in fields of politics, entertainment, and simple everyday life. Over 321 million people nowadays are using this social network.

The Twitter Account of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Has Been Blocked

We believe that blocking Zelenko's account is unfair, since it does not give the doctor the opportunity to share his experience on how to treat the coronavirus disease effectively, preventing severe cases of COVID-19.

Weekly Fun: Describing 2020 in One Word and Weird Thrift Store Finds

This week’s stories feature a Twitter flash mob that offers users to describe 2020 in one word, a Santa Claus neural network that will voice your greetings, and weird thrift store finds.

Twitter Rolls Out Its Fleets Story Feature for Everyone

Twitter hopes that the new story feature will help reduce the pressure around tweets, while users will express random thoughts and feelings on the platform.

Weekly Fun: Personal Browser, a Restaurant for Chipmunks, and Penguins Who Stole Eggs

This week’s stories feature a job opening for a Personal Browser who is supposed to surf the Internet, a hacker who guessed Trump's Twitter account password on the fifth attempt, and a restaurant for chipmunks.

Twitter Will Suspend Users Who Tweet That They Hope Trump Dies of COVID-19

After Trump's announcement that he and his wife were tested positive for COVID-19, many Twitter users started to post tweets wishing death to the US President. Twitter called this behavior inhumane, announcing that it will remove offending content from comments.

How to Permanently Delete Your Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Other Social Media Accounts

Erasing your social media presence is a complicated task, as social media platforms make money from users and their data, so they do not want to let you go. In this article, we tell you how to permanently and irrevocably delete your social media accounts.

The Complete List of Data That Google, Facebook, and Other Social Media and Tech Giants Know About You

If all of a sudden, you are not registered in any of the listed social networking services and was just about to create an account there, read this article carefully, and think again.

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