The Game Awards, hosted annually by renowned Canadian video game journalist, Geoff Keighley, will return on December 10. This year, taking into account the situation with COVID-19, the organizer chose a different approach to broadcast the award ceremony from several cities. Online events will be held simultaneously in the three largest cities in the world: Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo.

According to Geoff Keighley, the idea of streaming from multiple cities was inspired by the Olympic Games and Death Stranding.

“In 2020, video games have connected and comforted us more than ever, and that makes the 2020 edition of The Game Awards our most important show ever. Our team is working hard to deliver an innovative and thoughtful program that celebrates excellence, previews the future, and amplifies important voices that are shaping the future of this medium,” said Keighley in a statement.

The Winners of The Game Awards 2019 | The Internet Protocol
The results of the year are being summed up pretty much in every area you can imagine. The video game industry is not an exception. Fortunately for all gamers, the winners of this year’s Game Awards were finally presented.

Also, The Game Awards 2020 introduces an award in a new category, Innovation in Accessibility, to honor developers “pushing the medium forward by adding features, technology, and content to help games be played and enjoyed by an even wider audience.”

More detailed information about the show will be published closer to the date of its hosting. However, the organizers promise that the event will include announcements of game projects, demos, and more.

The shows will be streamed in 4K Ultra HD on 45 different free live streams.