A hit parade in increasing order of awesomeness.

On October 9, 1940, the classical English composer John Lennon was born, whose untimely death makes us listen to the same old songs a million times. Let's do it in a new way!

1. “The Beatles Medley” by Stars on 45, 1981

The wildly popular disco potpourri based on The Beatles from the Dutch project Stars on 45.

2. “Come Together” by Michael Jackson, 1988

The song was recorded for the experimental anthology musical film Moonwalker. Michael treated "Come Together" a bit rough. After all, such a soulful singer could have created a more delicate version.

3. “Got to Get You Into My Life” by Earth, Wind & Fire, 1978

A marvelous take on The Beatles from the dancefloor funk generators from Chicago.

4. “The Heart Gently Weeps” by Wu-Tang Clan, 2007

A hip-hop variant of the song that paradoxically remains true to both hip-hop and the original Beatles song.

5. “Dear Prudence” by Siouxsie And The Banshees, 1983

The main Beatles cover for goths and vampires.

6. “She Said, She Said” by The Black Keys, 2002

A dirty and somehow sincere version of the song from the debut album of the most popular garage rockers from Ohio.

7. “In My Life” by Johnny Cash, 2002

A song by The Beatles performed by a musical titan whose career took off five years before The Beatles.

8. “Within You Without You” by Sonic Youth, 1988

One of the best indie rock covers of the Beatles.

9. “Help!” by The Damned, 1976

The very first ever punk cover version of The Beatles.

10. “Help!” by Dolly Parton, 1979

And now something completely different. The same "Help" song but from the country titan Dolly Parton.

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11. “Imagine” by A Perfect Circle, 2004

A catching version of the song from an alternative super band, A Perfect Circle.

12. “Wild Honey Pie” by Pixies, 1988

The wickedest Beatles cover ever.

13. “I Call Your Name” by The Boys, 1977

The best punk rock cover song of The Beatles in a specified genre.

14. “I Wanna Be Your Man” by The Rolling Stones, 1963

It is not clear if this song can be called a cover version. Formally speaking, the Rollings Stones recorded it first, since the song was intended for them.

15. “A Day in the Life” by Big Daddy, 1992

You should really enjoy this one!

16. “The Thing That Should Not Let It Be” by Beatallica, 2001

The utterly witty rock project Beatallica from Milwaukee, which combined The Beatles and Metallica in all (yes, literally in all!) of their songs.

17. “Help!” by Deep Purple, 1968

18. “Across the Universe” by Laibach, 1988

The Greatest Beatles cover ever.

19. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by Al Green, 1969

Al Green managed to strike everyone right in the heart.