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Spotify Ventures into E-Learning with Video Courses in the UK

These courses span across four major categories: music production, creativity, business, and health and wellness, providing a diverse range of learning opportunities for users.

Spotify Launches Music Videos in Beta in 11 Countries

This move allows users to switch seamlessly between audio tracks and their corresponding music videos directly within the Spotify app, enhancing the music listening experience with a visual dimension.

Spotify Challenges Apple's App Store Policies in the EU with a Subscription Update

This decision comes as a direct response to the EU's critique of Apple's restrictive rules, which have limited third-party developers from informing users about alternative, more affordable streaming services outside the iOS ecosystem.

Shazam's Latest Update Now Lets You Identify Songs While Wearing Headphones

Previously, Shazam could identify songs from other apps, but this feature was limited if headphones were connected. Now, users can seamlessly identify songs even while enjoying their favorite tunes privately through headphones.

Apple Music Introduces Collaborative Playlists with iOS 17.3

As the name suggests, this feature lets you collaborate on playlists with others. You can invite friends to contribute tracks to a shared playlist, making it an excellent tool for planning the soundtrack to parties, road trips, or any group activity.

Bill Gates Reveals His Top Book and Music Picks for 2023

As the year comes to a close, Bill Gates has once again shared his annual list of recommendations, covering the best books he read in 2023, an online economics course, and even a holiday playlist to get you in the festive mood.

TikTok's Latest Feature Allows Direct Song Saving to Spotify and Apple Music

TikTok's influence on the music industry has been substantial, with songs trending on the platform often making their way to the Billboard charts and artists finding global recognition.

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