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How to Boost Your Creativity: David Bowie’s Brainstorming Technique

How did David Bowie manage to come up with such inimitable images, time and time again? In his creative process, the creator used an unusual brainstorming technique known as the “cut-up” method.

What Is Today? National One-Hit Wonder Day and Will Smith's Birthday

Today is Will Smith’s birthday as well as National One-Hit Wonder Day that pays tribute to those who became famous in just a few minutes, and then "disappeared," leaving us with a catchy melody.

Weekly Fun: Wearing Saggy Pants on the Street, Children Named After Keanu Reeves, and a Mask for Listening to Music

This week’s Weekly Fun features a mouse that ate too much cannabis, a minister who posted 10 thousand monotonous photos on Facebook, children who are named after Keanu Reeves more frequently, and a mask for listening to music.

4 Israeli Startups That Will Change the Music Industry

In this article, we'll explore Israeli companies that offer a variety of solutions for musicians and listeners, from a wireless touchpad that replaces many guitar pedals to wearable devices that enhance the physical sensations caused by the music.

Apple Music vs. YouTube Music: Which One to Choose?

Recently, more and more users have been switching to music streaming services, and this is quite logical as you get access to a million tracks for a reasonable price. Today, we are comparing the two most popular services – Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Hans Zimmer Extended Netflix’s Intro Sound for Theatrical Releases, and It’s Epic

Hans Zimmer was naturally Netflix’s first choice when it came to choosing a person who would create a symphonic theme but also retain the iconic “ta-dum” as much as possible.

Google Play Music Will Be Replaced by YouTube Music by the End of 2020

Disabling the service will happen in several stages. The Google Play Music app will become unavailable for users from South Africa and New Zealand in September 2020, and in other regions, in October this year.

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