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18 Childhood Tunes You’ve Heard, But Never Knew the Names of

Welcome to the world of such popular yet unfamiliar melodies from films and cartoons that you heard in childhood. Now, this world will cease to be anonymous to you.

Fortnite's Travis Scott Virtual Concert Attracted 15.2 Million Viewers

A grandiose event took place for fans of Fortnight and Travis Scott – the Astronomical virtual concert of rapper Travis Scott was watched by more than 15.2 million people.

The Coachella Festival Gets Postponed Because of Concerns Surrounding the Novel Coronavirus

The new dates for the annual festival are October 9-11 and October 16-18. Those who purchased tickets in advance will be able to find out how to get a refund by March 13.

Elon Musk Surprised Everyone with His Track on SoundCloud

Elon Musk recorded a song called "Don't Doubt ur Vibe," and the audience is already demanding an album. After all, an engineer makes tracks no worse than cars.

Eminem Proves That He Is a Rap God Once Again

If you conduct a social survey and ask random people “Who is the fastest rapper?”, 9 out of 10 will name Eminem, the rap godullar who has supersonic speed in situations where it is really handy – in rap. But it looks like a competitor is hard on his heels.

Spotify Introduces Pet Playlists to Make Your Doggo Happy

Ever dreamed of personalized playlists for your pets? Well, dreams come true: Spotify’s new feature called “Pet Playlists” will gather personalized music for your beloved animals.

The World Is Celebrating the Beatles Day Today

To mark the holiday, we’ve prepared a compilation of rare and exciting facts about the iconic band.

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