Microsoft is gearing up for a groundbreaking change in the world of PCs with the introduction of the Copilot key, marking the first significant alteration to Windows keyboards in nearly three decades. Microsoft envisions 2024 as "the year of the AI PC," and the Copilot key is at the forefront of this AI transformation.

The Copilot key will join the ranks of familiar keyboard keys like Windows, Control, and Alt. Positioned between the Alt and left arrow keys, this new key will provide quick access to Microsoft's AI-powered Windows Copilot experience with a single press.

For regions where Copilot is unavailable, the key will launch Windows Search. The Copilot key is designed to empower users to seamlessly engage with Copilot in their day-to-day tasks. It's expected to become a core feature of PC keyboards, becoming as iconic as the Windows key itself.

Microsoft Unveils an Edible Chocolate Xbox Controller
The tech giant is offering a chance to win a unique Xbox Series X console designed to look like a chocolate bar and a fully edible Xbox controller wrapped in a signature gold wrapper.

This AI-focused initiative is part of Microsoft's broader plan to integrate AI into various aspects of Windows, making computing experiences more personal and intelligent. With AI-infused capabilities on the horizon, Microsoft is poised to redefine the way we interact with our PCs.