Google has rebranded its AI chatbot Bard to Gemini and introduced a paid subscription service, Gemini Advanced, as part of the new Google One AI Premium plan. This move marks a significant shift in the company's AI strategy, offering users enhanced capabilities and features under the Gemini brand.

Gemini Advanced, powered by the Ultra 1.0 AI model, promises improved performance and functionality compared to its predecessor. Users can subscribe to Gemini Advanced for $19.99 per month, gaining access to advanced language processing and other AI-powered features. The subscription includes 2GB of Google Drive storage and will soon integrate with Google Workspace applications like Gmail and Docs.

Google has also launched a new mobile app for Gemini, available on Android and in the Google app on iOS devices. This app allows users to interact with Gemini in more than 40 languages and over 230 countries.

Gemini's expansion aligns with Google's efforts to consolidate its AI offerings under a unified brand, providing users with a seamless experience across various platforms and devices. With Gemini, Google aims to deliver more personalized and efficient AI-driven services to its global user base.